Nature supplies us with everything that we need for our well-being; we have just forgotten how to listen. Every living thing carries its own personal vibration. In nature  the vibration of Flowers, Trees, Crystals etc are the purest expressions  and each has its own signature  which corresponds to a specific emotion in its most balanced form. Flower and  Vibrational Essences hold this specific vibration in water (with a little brandy added to preserve) and will allow us to access the balance of a specific emotion that is causing us concern, therefore bringing us back to a place of balance and harmony within ourselves.

Come and explore how Nature’s precious gifts can support you.




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Hello and welcome

My name is Sally. I am a Flower & Vibrational Essence practitioner based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have trained in many modalities over the last 20 years including Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy and Reiki – to name a few – but it has always been Flower Essences that called to me louder than anything else.

I personally began taking Bach Flower Essences in the early 1990’s.  I had a lot of “emotional stuff” going on and found that the Essences worked quickly and helped me cope. My first child was very premature, and my second arrived 18 months later, followed by relocation, and soon after, the death of my mother. It seemed that I was at times swamped by emotions with no real respite in between. I had no idea how the essences worked but was grateful that they did. Over the years I was always drawn back to essences at times in my life when I needed that extra bit of support.

Finally, around 4 years ago I began to study Essences in more depth, beginning with the Bach Flower Essences and then going on to study for my Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences, where I was introduced to many different ranges of essences. It’s amazing how when we consciously work towards emotional balance that everything else seems to fall into place. Essences opened a whole new world up to me, and with their support I embarked on a long personal healing journey where I began to understand the essences – and myself –  in a new way that enabled me to let go of previous self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

In understanding the essences from this deep level I can help you to explore what you need and help find the essences that will work alongside you. This process will also allow you to make conscious decisions and any necessary changes, allowing you to get back to the true essence of “you”.


I am passionate about helping others to explore their own power and to help them make positive changes in their life. I work with Flower, Gem and Vibrational Essences to help promote emotional well-being. I provide a safe space for people to explore where they are right now, what they need and help them find the steps to get there with the help of self reflection and relevant supportive essences. Working with Flower Essences can bring you awareness of how you react and of patterns that may be holding you back in some way. This awareness is very empowering.

I have a particular interest in helping  people who are sensitive and easily emotionally overwhelmed, helping them find clarity and a sense of self  that can bring back a sense of joy into their lives even when faced with life’s challenges.

I am also keen to support parents of children who are on the autistic spectrum. From personal experience I understand how overwhelming and emotionally draining this can be at times,   often creating a continuous emotional cycle leaving us feeling lost and alone. This can often detract us from the beautiful part of helping our children bloom and grow. If we as parents can find our support mechanism, we can  be in a much better place to give our children the love and support that they deserve.

I provide consultations  – either in person or via Skype – where we would go through an in-depth process to identify what areas you would like support in. I would then assist you to find suitable essences and create a custom blend  specifically for you.  I would love the chance to support you along the way.

Allow yourself to be supported by natures precious gifts.


If you would like to find out more and how essences can help you please contact me  to book a free  Skype session to discuss your needs. https://sallyarthurs.youcanbook.me/

These sessions last for approx 45 minutes to an hour.

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