All is not as it seems!

There has been some tricky energy about these past few weeks, not least caused by the eclipses, Solar flares and planetary influences! There have been a whole lot of intensely irritated and tense people and it’s interesting that a few weeks into this icky phase that there are lots of coughs, headaches, skin irritations and other “reactive” symptoms being reported. Almost everyone I know is experiencing at least one of the above!  Long forgotten health issues are also being triggered, weird and wonderful long forgotten symptoms that have been held deep within our cells and with allergic reactions that don’t seem to have a notable source.

All symptoms are products of various forms of irritation to one or more factor externally and it’s interesting to look at what’s going on around us right now.

On a global scale so many are being pulled into the reactivity phase and buying into the stories they are hearing external to themselves, which is complicating things for them. Remember focus inwards, feel into your own core and stay true to your own vibration. When you feel an onslaught of thought or emotion, sit with it and allow your energy to re-calibrate and settle before discerning a course of action, if indeed any action needs taken. Don’t allow the external to knock you sideways or spiral you into a loop of conditioned reactivity.

The incoming planetary influences have been quite intense, to the point of being physically palpable and somewhat relentless, although not yet understood on a conscious level. The physical body can’t always process energy without triggering cellular memory responses and the complications that they can cause. It is also desperately trying to run a “programme” to “deal” with the external rather than allowing it to flow deflecting or allowing it to flow through on our inner compasses guidance.

The changes can seem viral in nature to our body and it can kick and fight trying to claim status quo but it needs to learn to let go and flow with the cellular alterations that are taking place.

The importance of self care and self containment can’t be stressed enough; only from our own inner core and compass can we really function effectively. Be discerning of what you allow into your awareness and energy field and keep strong boundaries.

If you really want to dig into this, look at the symptoms that are surfacing and trace them back through your life to when they have surfaced previously, what was going on for you emotionally at that time may well be the key to healing and releasing on a cellular level!

Trust the process and stay true to yourself!

I’m so glad I have the support of my Essences to help me navigate these strange times!

You’ve got this ….. Sally xxx



Full Moon & Awareness ~ We are Not Broken.


When we bring awareness to the fore we bring a valuable tool to the table and one that allows us to discern just what is going on for us. It may well be that we don’t fully understand but the awareness that something has been triggered allows us to follow the trail. When we are aware that we have been triggered we can then choose more effectively how we respond to this trigger.

Of Old we would probably have been propelled straight into a knee jerk reaction that was little if anything to do with what was actually presenting to us in the now. Often these knee jerk reactions were costly for us too. Over reaction tends not to be positive or well thought out and especially if it puts us into defence mode it can cause all sorts of complications that aren’t so easily remedied.

With awareness we can check into what is happening and make sure that we don’t compromise our integrity, burn bridges or lose out on valuable opportunities.

I was compelled to put this together today as I found myself slipping somewhat into a learned response to the icky FMS ( full moon syndrome) mode ( my own label for this moon phase), a bit like pre menstrual syndrome except triggered by the influence of the impending full moon.  We encounter full moon energy every 28 days and some cycles it affects us more than others, we react to this in a cellular level but we don’t have to allow the reaction to manifest on an emotional or physical level. We may well need to alter how or what we do around this time but with awareness we don’t need to become the victim of energetic circumstance.

Awareness brings the key that allows us to know which doors are best locked at this time and what is best postponed till a more energetically conducive time. This doesn’t mean we come to a standstill it means that we prioritise and accept that there are limitations and within the limitations we can be as productive as we need to be. Also holding fast to the truth that this will pass and we will soon be up and running at optimum speed in a few days is helpful.

One of the essences I like at this time is Selenite – I find its gentle and illuminates from within so that I can stay clear on my core energy and take steps to rectify things If I feel I’m having a wobble. My cellular energy may be affected but my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can hold space for any necessary fluctuations and Selenite is a great essence to facilitate this partnership.

We are not broken , we don’t need fixing. We merely need awareness and the space to flow in harmony with the tides of the moon.

Wishing you a smooth and illuminated Full Moon.


Sally xxx


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Lots of words about words



I have been giving words a lot of thought today, listening to how and what I say and trying to make sense of the power that words have for us. Its been a bit of an interesting one for me to explore.

I am a wordy person, I like to using words in the written form and I like a good old chat (I have my mum to thank for that – She had a first class degree in long conversations – known fondly in Glasgow as “an awfy blether” or being able to “talk the hind legs off a donkey”). In my work as a therapist I find myself intrigued by the words that people use to describe how they are feeling and have learned that really listening to these words hold keys into what is needed to help them rebalance.

Words can be a useful tool or a harsh weapon. They can express a feeling or a sentiment, they can comfort and reassure, they can confuse, uplift, inspire and cause deep pain. They are can be enigmatic and at times can be totally elusive.

How many times have you heard someone say something and been totally inspired and motivated by their words, or been hurt by the biting words from someone, sometimes glib comments said with no malice can be taken like a dagger wound to the heart. It is our perception of those words and the perceived feel of the energy behind them that causes us problems.

You know that feeling when someone says something really quite harsh but delivers it from a place of love and we are able to hear them but deflect the harshness in favour of learning something either about ourselves or about the person delivering those words.

Then there are the times when someone says something nice or positive to you but that grating nagging feeling shows up within you, and you know something just doesn’t feel right, the words said are being delivered from a less than positive place in that person. Their negativity may well have absolutely nothing to do with us but we feel it and adopt it as if it was an arrow thrown intentionally. We have no idea why we feel hurt or deflated by these words – as after all they were positive and pleasant – but we are picking up on the energy the person delivering them is dealing with at this time.

Don’t get me wrong some people give compliments and praise freely. But do so out of some need to be seen as “nice” or “supportive” and really do deliver them in a less than supportive way. That’s when our inner bullshit detector fires up and alerts us to this. Remember this is good as its giving us the heads up not to let that energy into our own energy system too readily.

If we can detach ourselves and question what we feel then we can save ourselves the confusion and hurt of accepting any form of energy or validity from the words. Noting what their words trigger in us is insightful and gifts us the ability to learn and grow.

There are 3 essences I tend to use a lot if I find myself in a situation where I am faltering in response to what someone has said to me. Ground Moss for when they trigger hyper emotional responses and it literally feels that I have lost ability to do anything about how I feel.

Another essence is Red Chestnut, when I get caught in the thought loop of a conversation “post mortem”” and spiral into the “could have” “ should have” and further on into the negative self chatter that leads me to be panicky and feeling like the worst thing that could happen – has actually happened! (This is most definitely not the case – if we were in a worst case scenario we would be too busy coping in fight or flight mode and taking action to even think about anything.)

The other I find helpful in this situation, and in particular if I know that I am having to be around a person that is prone to acting in a way that takes me to the more negative dwelling side of things is Walnut Moss, it allows me to digest their words and choose wisely before accepting anything energetically from them, it also helps me process my thoughts and compose my own words wisely and saves me from dropping into a triggered knee jerk response to their words.

One of the hardest things to deal with is when words “fail” us. You know the occasions when someone asks you a question and you just can’t find an answer anywhere, the more you search in your mind for one, the more the panic rises and the more the ability to find the words gets further away.

Another question that arises from my “word ponder” is Why do we feel the need to fill any silences with words. Those times when all goes quiet and the knot in our stomach builds pushing us into that need to fill the silence with words, often we don’t really want to talk, nor does the other person but we end up filling an awkward silence with meaningless words that in the end make us feel inadequate and stupid and builds that weird energy that is counterproductive when we pick up on the stickiness of how the strained conversation is going.

That isn’t to say that it is good to strike up a conversation with whoever we meet but to do so when we feel it, rather than when we are merely trying to feel less uncomfortable in the situation we find ourselves in.

I used to get quite frustrated if someone broke into my silence with mindless chatter. However I do try to be mindful that perhaps the person doing so may have a real need just to feel heard. Often much of our own frustrations come from not feeling heard too! There is a huge difference between listening to someone and actually hearing them. The greatest gift you can give someone to actually listen to them without judgement.

Our own words also affect us as much if not more than they affect others. If our inner voice is criticising it can render us powerless. In fact our inner critic says way worse things to us than anyone else can – and more regularly! You can learn to tame the critic and be aware of what your mind chatter is telling you. It can be your greatest enemy or your finest coach so choose those words in thought wisely.

Don’t believe everything your inner voice says to you and this again comes down to the question everything. If its your coach heed its wise words and if its your critic question what it is that it is trying to prevent you from doing. Often its coming from the centre of our fears and in trying to protect us from being disappointed it keeps  us from the optimism of trying.

Not only what you say, but how you say it has a big impact on how we are received by others. So choose wisely and always think before you share your words with others.

In this era of technology it is a totally different ball game as although the energy behind a text or email can be felt on some level, there is a complexity that also brings our state of mind when reading the messages into  a contributing factor to how we presume the words are meant. Trying to explore further into that topic was a little too much for my brain to handle today !

So I shall leave you with some more words…. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others especially when it comes to self talk. …

My gratitude to you if you have got this far – Thank you for reading my words I hope they give you food for thought!



Managing our issues with Grace & Ease




There is a fluidity to the energies at the moment and we are learning to be masters the new waters that surround us. We have opportunities to choose and with our choice comes the manifestation of how exactly we will roll with the necessary changes.

If we don’t approach our issues with inquisitiveness and a willingness to change we can get caught up in the net of illusion that we create for ourselves.

When we struggle we drop below the surface and feel dragged down in the fluid depths – hopeless and despairing of a way out, and yet if we focus and calm ourselves we begin to notice that we are still breathing and can make efforts to resurface.

Rather than huge fighting efforts it is a  gentle letting go and not struggling, surrendering to the flow but focussing on a positive outcome. Its almost an inner knowing that our initial thoughts are testing us in some way and that what we had initially perceived as reality – was a projection of the old trying to reclaim us and pull as back into a state of panic and fear. It can be strange and a little fun to watch this play out as its almost like a comedy where you are playing both roles and know can see through the charade.

This is NOT who we are, and we should question everything especially when we feel the “here we go again” type energy surface. Question if it is relevant to your situation, is it a default response to old programming that is no longer required

Grace and ease is a key word and no matter what life throws at us, if we are aware, discerning and honest with ourselves then we can glide on through any hiccups effortlessly. My essence of choice to help me navigate these times is ” Grace & Ease” made from a stunning White and magenta Phalaenopsis Orchid.

We are being given the opportunity to master our inner critic and lets face it, we would do far better without a nagging nelly voice that tries to talk us out of being our wonderful, powerful self. Bring humour and lightness to the table and watch as you unravel the ties of the old that still try to bind us.

Wishing you a smooth and steady journey back to owning your power! Namaste




The Beauty of Empathy



Empathy is beautiful!

Yes it can be painful, it can be messy, it is most definitely unpredictable but at its core it is beautiful. Empathy is deep and can feel all consuming at times. Learning to work with it is always a good idea as truly feeling someone else’s raw emotion can totally knock you off your feet. 

It seems that I remember empathic feelings as far back as my memory goes, it has ruled a lot of my life and its only now that  I can begin to  fully appreciate the gift that it is. I remember a time around twelve years ago when having a conversation with a work colleague when I locked eyes with her and the intensity of her emotions literally hit me in the gut. She was preparing to go to a meeting where she had to provide evidence of an event that she had been witness to and the feeling of fear and panic from her that was manifesting physically for her literally knocked me sick.  I had to be sent home that afternoon as the ensuing headache and nausea literally floored me. I was at this point that I could finally really grasp this empathy thing and vowed to make sure I didn’t make a habit of taking things on at this intensity.

I didn’t understand energy and definitely had no idea what empathy was. My coping mechanism was to close down emotionally, call it a form of self preservation if you will. I spent too many years lurching from being cold and shut down to opening and being emotionally overwhelmed.  I guess I see-sawed between the two for quite a while, but after doing lots of self development workshops etc I began to understand what was going on for me. That incident of overwhelm several years ago was the one biggest catalyst to understanding a lot of “whys” in my life and the biggest motivator to actually take the driving seat.

The biggest help has actually been having the awareness of what was going on and to be able to recognise when my energy was shifting too quickly from one state to another, I then can question this and see what’s going on and take necessary measures to bring me back to a state of balance.

How many people go through life lurching from one emotion to another with randomness and unpredictability and find themselves feeling like there is something wrong with them when in fact they are bouncing off those around them and taking on others emotional state too clearly and strongly for them to function in a balanced manner. I myself spent my childhood in this state and struggled to cope with others as I felt totally imbalanced   but judged myself to be lacking in some way which further complicates the issue. Thankfully I don’t often get physical empathy to the point that I did feel with this lady, and I can usually discern what is physically mine or not. I don’t always separate the emotional feelings and have to work pretty diligently to make sure I don’t let it cloud my own emotions.

Empathy is a wonderful tool when used wisely.  It allows you to really get a feel for others and to feel into what ways would help them to rebalance. Words can be misinterpreted but you can never misinterpret a feeling. Learning how to “switch it on” and how to make sure your not continuously picking up too much is a learning curve. It is an intuitive early warning system.  Getting the balance of feeling what you need to and filtering out what you don’t requires ongoing awareness.

Dont let empathy be the driver of your emotional journey – having it as a  co – pilot is always a better relationship.

Wishing you a beautiful sensory balanced day filled with unconditional love♥♥♥

Summer Solstice Already!!


Happy Solstice to you -So here we are already – the  longest day and shortest night of the year, where the heck has the first half of 2017 gone!

Solstice energy is a good time for reflection and celebrating how far you have come, and a great time to look towards the next phase of the year and where you want to be headed and planting the seeds to help propel you in your chosen direction.  Its refreshing to see so many people  celebrate the natural rythms of the earth. Summer Solstice  in Sweden its actually one of the biggest holidays of the year! (I know as we arrived in Stockholm on 21st June 2 years ago to find a ghost town and most places closed as it was the midsummer bank holiday and all the locals head out of town to their summer houses to celebrate Solstice !!!! )

It got me thinking and although lots of daylight hours and ( supposedly) warm weather should be a recipe for feeling good,  this isnt the case for everyone.  Much as I love the long balmy nights and the fact that I can sit outdoors at night (without turning a nice shade of cold induced blue!)  I get nostalgic for dark skies peppered with lots of stars. I love to spend some time just gazing at the sky and enjoying the beauty of a starry landscape and round about now that is near on impossible!

In Scotland at this time fo year  it’s not dark until around midnight and then starts lightening up again around 2am so if I want to have a star gazing “fix” I have to stay up really late and it’s not really truly dark so there aren’t too many visible stars. I therefore don’t know the summer skies very well and feel a little disconnected, not to mention I struggle to sleep unless it’s quite dark! (Thank goodness I dont live in Russia – they have the “White nights” season in May and June, due to their northerly lattitude the sun never fully sets! ) It is rather surreal to see.

I Wonder how your finding the Solstice energy personally, Are you loving the flooding of light  or do you crave some dark velvet skies?If its a good time for you hope your riding the waves and taking every opportunity that summer solstice provides for you.  Or if you, like me, are getting antsy and fidgety craving some cooler, darker, starrier nights,  just try to go with the flow and remember that this will pass and you will find your energetic balance again soon.

The image of the well above  reminded me of just how strongly the sunlight is reflected  in the water and can give an idea of  just how much the excess of sunlight can serve to heighten our emotions and to bring some of the uncomfortable aspects out into the harsh light of day to be achnowledged, healed and released. A very positive, if not always easy task.

With realisation of where my out of sorts feeling is coming from today I have been taking some Star channelled essences and this seems to have boosted me a bit. Awareness of how your system reacts to various energetic evens such as The Solstices, The Equinoxes and the different phases of moon , also what weather systems are good for you is a great ally to have and with the insights that this gives you – you can begin to understand when your more likely to feel extremely creative and resourceful and go with the flow or when you will be more likely to need to  take time out for self care and self reflection.

Flower & Vibrational essences are a great support as we take on this journey of self discovery and empowerment.

Solstice Blessings, xx



Have you ever had one of “those days?


One of those days from the minute you open your eyes you can just feel the tension build.  Overslept by twenty minutes, tripped over a pair of shoes in the rush to the bathroom, someone has used the towel and not popped a clean one in.   Then dog finding the best sniffing place EVER as you try to fit in the quick walk before work.  When you finally set off the traffic is busy, then you realise when you’re just about there that the lunch you carefully prepared last night is still in the fridge at home.

You arrive at work to a pile of paper work that has miraculously appeared in the night and it’s the intricate fiddly stuff that is time consuming and laborious. Feeling irritated that your plans for the day will be out the window in favour of spending hours churning through this unwelcome visitor.

You can add your own typical frustrating day in place of mine but I’m sure you get the picture.

It can suddenly feel like you’re at breaking point and everything and everyone seems to add to this horrible feeling. Even the sound of the telephone or the radio can begin to needle you.  It flows over into how you’re feeling about the people around you, about life in general and it even has an effect of your digestive system, causing upset or even pushing your buttons to over eat or to not eat at all.

Life in this moment now feels very complicated and stressful!  Your sensitivities are in overdrive and you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t focus clearly, never mind make sense of the paperwork that is like a huge waving red flag in front of you!  

You can continue on this stress treadmill. BUT... What if you could take charge and allow yourself to release the tension?   Slowly, Easily, Effortlessly……

Firstly breathe! Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing, noticing how your breath feels as it enters your nostrils, following it down into your lungs feeling your chest expand and know your blood is being nourished by the oxygen intake. Breathe out through your mouth again following the breath up and out, feeling its warmth as it leaves your body taking with it anything energetically that isn’t good for you. Do this a few times keeping focus on the breath and not allowing it to wander into thoughts (It will only take 2 minutes but If you feel awkward doing this at your desk you could remove yourself and go make a cuppa in the rest room or even take a quick trip to the loo!) This is a really effective technique to just drop your stress level and allow clear thinking to return.

My go to essence at this time would be Bach flower essence Impatiens. It is a great essence for releasing tension and restoring a calmer feeling in our bodies and minds. It helps release the irritated, coiled spring feeling smoothing our energy and helping us back to focus and calm.

Combining this essence with the 2 minute breathing space practice is a quick and effective way in restoring us to our rational self. In fact the more you begin to notice this reaction happening in its early stages you can take some essence right away and breathe knowing that it will help stop the tension building to any great level. Have a fabulous, empowered day ❤


I work with sensitive and emotionally overwhelmed people, helping them find clarity and ways to feel empowered, calmer and more able to enjoy everyday life ~ even when challenged.

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