I have never tried flower essence before but was interested to try it, I found Sally very good at explaining what the different essence can do for you. I could not believe how picking the cards I was drawing to resonated with what I needed, I was very low and lacking in confidence and found it hard to socialise after my divorce but after taking this essence and using the affirmations I felt more confident and started socialising again. (A.A Bute ) 


I took the first drops before bedtime and was looking for effect, perhaps too much as I didn’t notice anything in particular except that I fell in to a sounds sleep .On the second day after taking the essence, I felt a feeling of peace come over me. It was about an hour after taking it On the third day I felt at ease.These peaceful and calm feelings seem to be topped up each day as I took the essence. After about two weeks I stopped taking the essence, I found in general it has helped my mood and that I felt more at ease and was coping with things better. (LT, Kendal)